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San Gabriel Mountains Forever is a diverse partnership of residents, cities, local business owners, faith and community leaders, health and environmental justice organizations, and recreation and conservation groups that are working to permanently protect the San Gabriel Mountains and rivers. SGMF is a project of Community Partners®.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 3.34.38 PMOur Mission

The San Gabriel Mountains Forever coalition works to permanently protect the San Gabriel Mountains: to build support for protection of, and increased access to, our forests, rivers and parks; and develop a new, diverse generation of environmental stewards to care for our public lands.

Our Vision: Protection and enhancement of our mountains, rivers and parks with access for all

San Gabriel Mountains Forever envisions a San Gabriel Region National Recreation Area that would include the San Gabriel Mountains, its southern foothills, the Puente Hills and urban sections of the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo rivers. The recreation area would: preserve scenic and nationally significant public lands, enhance visitor services and staffing, improve access with Transit-to-Trails programs, and empower with educational and interpretative programs.

San Gabriel Mountains Forever’s vision will be accomplished by:

  • Preserving, improving and adding public lands, parks and recreation facilities
  • Improving equitable access through transit-to-trails services, and the development of culturally and linguistically appropriate programs and signs
  • Promoting healthy outdoor recreation
  • Empowering every community—including those historically marginalized—to care for the San Gabriel Mountains and rivers

Our Motivation: Serving the Communities, Conserving the Natural Landscape and Its Resources

Within Los Angeles’ urban communities, the shortage of parks and open space is shortchanging our children. Today’s young people have fewer opportunities to be physically active and connect with nature. Data shows that San Gabriel Valley communities with little to no parks have child obesity rates upwards of 30 to 40 percent.

Our Goals: Actions to Achieve the Following Results

  • Increase facilities, services, and staffing in the Angeles Forest—including more access trails, interpretative signs and multi-lingual rangers.
  • Preserve and enhance the natural, historic and scenic resources of the San Gabriel Mountains and the valley.
  • Improve water quality and fishing by reducing trash, graffiti and user-created dams on the San Gabriel River.
  • Create and improve urban parks and open space that provides opportunities for residents to connect with nature and explore the mountains.
  • Boost economic benefits with increased tourism, job creation and higher property values for adjacent communities.

Members of our Coalition
A3PCON Amigos de los Rios
California Wilderness Coalition
The City Project
Climate Resolve
Community Hiking Club
Friends of the River
National Parks Conservation Association
Sierra Club
Trout Unlimited
The Wilderness Society

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Our 2016 Impact Report