Leadership Academy Project: Guiding The Eagles to Their Nest


Guiding The Eagles to Their Nest by Liliana Camacho Guzman


Workshops in the classroom and a group hike to engage Drew Magnet High School students on the subjects of environmental justice, access to green and open spaces, and the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and region.


Before and After Observations

Before: “It is important to support my project because King Drew students are not exposed to their backyard —  the San Gabriel Mountains. King Drew High School is located on 120th street and Compton Avenue. There is really no green space in my community.” — Liliana

After: “It was so rewarding seeing all these students enjoying themselves in their backyard; it was their first time wetting their feet (literally) in the San Gabriel Mountains. They can’t wait to go back with their friends and families!” — Liliana