Media Alert: San Gabriel Mountains Forever Celebrates the Duarte Shuttle to Fish Canyon Falls Trail


May 16, 2016

Stef McDonald,


WHAT: San Gabriel Mountains Forever (SGMF) will be honoring the City of Duarte for pioneering a shuttle program along the Gold Line extension to the San Gabriel Mountains. Following the celebration, there will be an SGMF-led hike on the Fish Canyon Falls trail.

WHEN: Saturday, May 21, 8:30 a.m.

WHERE: The meeting place is on Highland Avenue, adjacent to the Metro Gold Line station parking lot. The public is encouraged to attend and light snacks will be available to hikers. Members of San Gabriel Mountains Forever will be taking the Gold Line to the shuttle stop.

WHY: “This is a great service for our communities,” said Omar Gomez, the San Gabriel Mountains Forever Chair and Program Director with COFEM, the Council of Mexican Federations. “With the recent opening of Metro’s Gold Line Extension, this is another great win for county-wide efforts to get more transit-to-parks. One of the San Gabriel Mountains Forever priorities is to get more access to the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and surrounding areas. We know that with more public transit to parks and open, green space, we can improve the lives of those in our communities, especially those who could benefit the most. We look forward to seeing more great efforts like this one.” COFEM has been taking families to the San Gabriel Mountains for several years and these types of shuttles will provide a way for the community to access the mountains when there are no other options available. SGMF is celebrating this service as a model to promote the effectiveness of transit-to-parks programs and open space opportunities and is hoping this will encourage other cities along the route to consider similar offerings near their own local transit systems.

WHO: Duarte Councilmember John Fasana and others from the City of Duarte will join members of San Gabriel Mountains Forever (SGMF) at the event.

ABOUT SAN GABRIEL MOUNTAINS FOREVER: For more than a decade, San Gabriel Mountains Forever (SGMF) has worked to protect, enhance, and provide access for all to our forests, rivers, and parks, and to develop a new, diverse generation of environmental stewards to care for our public lands. SGMF is a diverse partnership of local residents, cities, businesses, faith and community leaders, health and environmental justice organizations, and recreation and conservation groups working collaboratively with local communities and elected leaders. SGMF is best known as the lead community group building support for the designation of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.