Notes for National Monuments Public Comment Period

Here’s why we are urging the Department of the US Department of Interior to protect the monument status of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.

Postcard Text

The San Gabriel Mountains National Monument serves our communities by:

  • Improving public health
  • Protecting our water and air quality
  • Boosting the local economy
  • Providing recreational opportunities for all Angelenos

We support the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and urge you to maintain its status.

Letter Text

Dear Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke,

We are fortunate to have the San Gabriel Mountains as our backyard. It is one of California’s most treasured landscapes, and it provides Angelenos with healthy, sustainable, recreational and educational opportunities. The Angeles National Forest in the San Gabriel Mountains is the largest urban forest in the country.

We need to protect our watersheds and water quality and enhance air quality.

We need to protect its forests, wilderness areas, wild and scenic rivers, and wildlife.

We need to support local businesses and our local economy.

We need to give children and families living in park-poor neighborhoods a nearby place to enjoy weekend recreation in the wilderness.

We need to provide opportunities for healthy outdoor recreation in nature for more than three million Angelenos and visitors.

In short, we need the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument for our communities.

I urge you to do everything you can to maintain our country’s network of national monuments, including our cherished San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.


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