Seeking Permanent Protection: Wild and Scenic Rivers

San Gabriel Mountains Forever is working to preserve the special character and free-flowing condition of 52.3 miles of rivers and creeks in the Angeles and San Bernardino national forests with Wild and Scenic River protections, including:

Photo by Steve Evans

Photo by Steve Evans

East, West and North Forks of the San Gabriel River
Protect 25.6 miles in the forest’s largest watershed and the source of clean drinking water for Los Angeles County. All three forks support rare native fish populations. Easily accessible segments of the East Fork and North Fork provide outstanding family recreation opportunities, including picnicking, wading, and camping. The upper West Fork is the route of the Gabrieleno National Recreation Trail and the upper East Fork offers unique backcountry hiking, backpacking, and wild trout fishing.

San Antonio Creek
Preserve one mile of the creek that flows through an ecologically significant and impressive alpine canyon studded with big cone Douglas fir to the spectacular 75-foot San Antonio Falls.

Middle Fork Lytle Creek
Protect 5.5 miles that support a naturally reproducing rainbow trout population prized by anglers, and provide access to the scenic Cucamonga Wilderness.

Little Rock Creek
Preserve 20.2 miles in this secluded and crystal-clear northern creek, which flows from the San Gabriel Mountains high country to the Mojave Desert.

Permanent protection of the unique and scenic public wild lands, rivers, and creeks of the San Gabriel Mountains will:

  • Safeguard recreational opportunities for present and future generations
  • Ensure the ecological future of fish and wildlife
  • Preserve and enhance the waterways that supply drinking water for millions of Southland residents.

More on Wild and Scenic River Protections (PDF)