San Gabriel Mountains: Haikus

Every day, the San Gabriel Mountains inspire us. Below, haikus we have composed to express our love of our national monument.

sgmf haiku bonnie

Above, haiku from Bonnie Rodriguez, an SGMF Leadership Academy graduate. More below.

I play in your trails
reconnect in your calm ponds
to quiet the roar
— Roberto Morales, SGMF member, The Sierra Club

High above you stand
Exalted San Gabriel
calling us to climb
— Daniel Rossman, SGMF member, The Wilderness Society

The sun above rises
Mother Earth smiles sweetly back
Morning birds greet me
— Dianne Erskine-Hellrigel, SGMF member, The Community Hiking Club

The yuccas in bloom
The breeze tickling my neck
One more step forward
— Stef McDonald, SGMF member, Climate Resolve

Walking on the path
I feel free to be myself
I walk off the path
— Brenda Kyle, SGMF Leadership Academy Graduate

The Mountain holds me.
It cradles and caresses.
The Mountain frees me.
— Brenda Kyle, SGMF Leadership Academy Graduate

Teachings from your soul,
Life lessons that come from love,
I am Mother Earth.
— Rebecca Contreras, Leadership Academy Graduate