Seeking Permanent Protection: National Recreation Area

sgmf_urban_rec_bikes_picnic_tableSan Gabriel Mountain Forever is working to establish a National Recreation Area (NRA) outside of the Forest and wilderness. From the heavily used Angeles National Forest, to the park-poor communities of Los Angeles, the creation of an Urban National Recreation Area would bring much-needed attention and resources to improve recreational opportunities for Southland residents. In 2015, Congresswoman Judy Chu introduced legislation to expand the national monument and create a Urban National Recreation Area.

This National Recreation Area would help:

  • Improve facilities, services and staffing in the Angeles Forest—including more restrooms, access trails, picnic sites, interpretative signs, culturally-appropriate programs and multi-lingual rangers.
  • Preserve and enhance the natural, historic and scenic resources of the San Gabriel Mountains and the valley.
  • Improve water quality and fish habitat by reducing the amounts of trash, graffiti and user-created dams in and along the San Gabriel River.
  • Create park and open space in the San Gabriel Valley to connect residents with nature and eventually leads them to explore the mountains.
  • Encourage more kids to get outdoors to help address Southern California’s obesity and diabetes crisis.
  • Boost positive economic impacts through increased tourism spending, job creation, and improved property values for adjacent communities.