Condor Peak

17,084 acres on the Angeles National Forest

The 17,084 acre Condor Peak Proposed Wilderness Area is among the most spectacular landscapes in the San Gabriel Mountains. Located in the Lower and Upper Big Tujunga watersheds, it rises dramatically from under 2000 feet to over 6000 feet near Mt. Gleason and the Pacific Crest Trail. Its high country is anchored by Fox and Condor Peaks and the Mendenhall Ridge. In addition to rugged peaks, it features dramatic canyon country, lush streams, vernal pools, and abundant waterfalls. The Great Falls of Fox Canyon is a series seven spectacular waterfalls, one of which is a hundred feet high. The Condor Peak Proposed Wilderness Area helps clean our air and supply Los Angeles with drinking water. It provides critical habitat for many unique plants and animals.

The proposed wilderness area offers urban residents the chance to connect with nature and escape the noise and congestion of city life. Wilderness makes a great neighbor for nearby foothill communities. On weekends you can see families from areas such as Sunland Tujunga making the scenic two-mile hike trek to picnic beside the vernal pools above Trail Canyon Falls. The Condor Peak area offers many opportunities for solitude in a natural setting and a variety of recreational experiences, especially along the spectacular Condor Peak and Trial Canyon trails. Along the way you will see hikers, picnickers, photographers, equestrians, wildlife watchers and peak baggers. The Great Falls of Fox Canyon is frequented by rappelling groups. Those who frequent the area just might catch a glimpse of area’s namesake bird—the California condor—as it makes its triumphant return.