Summer in the San Gabriel Mountains: Our Favorite Places

We asked members of San Gabriel Mountains Forever about their favorite places to go in the San Gabriel Mountains during the summer.

“Cooling off by the stream near the Ski Hut in the Baldy Bowl. Doing the Bridge to Nowhere hike when the water flow is really strong.” —Dennis Arguelles, National Parks Conservation Association

“Hiking the East Fork. Because there’s water and people and I always love to see people engaging in water.” —Belinda Faustinos, Chair, San Gabriel Mountains Forever

“The East fork of the San Gabriel River… ahhh, so refreshing. I go during the week when it’s not as crowded as the weekend.” —Brenda Kyle, Leadership Academy graduate

“I have a couple. As you head up toward the Bridge to Nowhere, you make a right turn to Fish Canyon. There’s a beautiful narrows, it’s mossy and with overgrown vegetation and very cool in summer. The other one would be Dawson Saddle Trial that goes up to Mt. Baden-Powell. The first part is shaded.” —John Monsen, Consultant

“My favorite summer time activity in the San Gabriel Mountains is taking youth and families out hiking through the many beautiful canyons the San Gabriels have to offer. Plenty of spots with shade and streams for everyone to enjoy.” —Roberto Morales, Sierra Club

“I recently went to Eaton Canyon for the first time. This summer I look forward to bringing my cousins here to explore and eat a picnic lunch. I think they will especially enjoy the live animal display at the Eaton Canyon Nature Center.” —Bonnie Rodriguez, San Gabriel Mountains Forever Leadership Academy graduate

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