Vision and Goals


Our Vision: Protection and enhancement of our mountains, rivers and parks with access for all.

San Gabriel Mountains Forever envisions a San Gabriel Region National Recreation Area that would include the San Gabriel Mountains, its southern foothills, the Puente Hills and urban sections of the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo rivers. The recreation area would preserve scenic and nationally significant public lands, enhance visitor services and staffing, improve access with Transit-to-Trails programs, and empower with educational and interpretative programs.

vision map full size with textOur Motivation: Serving the Communities, Conserving the Natural Landscape and Its Resources

Within Los Angeles’ urban communities, the shortage of parks and open space is shortchanging our children. Today’s young people have fewer opportunities to be physically active and connect with nature. Data shows that San Gabriel Valley communities with little to no parks have child obesity rates upwards of 30 to 40 percent.

Our Goals

  • Access for all to healthy, sustainable, recreational and educational opportunities;
  • Improvements to the recently designated San Gabriel Mountains National Monument;
  • Permanent protection of San Gabriel Mountains wilderness areas, wild and scenic rivers;
  • Expansion of the National Monument and National Recreation Area designation for our urban foothills and river corridors, which will provide more opportunities for historically undeserved communities—and transportation access for all to enjoy one of California’s most treasured landscapes.